top photographers…


The videos that we watched on America’s top photographers is about, who is the best in photography. There is five people. Four boys named Chris, Scott, Jamiya, and Andrew and one girl named Roxy. In the first round Roxy won because she introduced herself to the person she was going to photograph and was confident in the pictures she took. The person who lost was Andrew. He lost because he crop the photo to much, and he didn’t connect with the person he was photographing. In the next round Chris lost. He lost because he didn’t have a story behind, he’s photo and he didn’t take suggestions, when he needed them because it was his first-time taking fashion photographs. Jamiya won the second round because he took suggestions and made the dress pop. My thoughts on being a photographer are good. I feel like what they do is hard but fun. And I would love to be one if I got good at it.


framing a subject….


I do think I have strong composition but it can be better. I tried to edit them the best I could and I like how they turned out. If you assigned this assignment again. I would trying to go out somewhere other then my yard and go take pictures in a different location. I think if it ends up on the blog home page that would be nice but mine aren’t the best nor the worst.


This surrealism art is by Salvador Dali. This surrealism art inspires me because of how creative it was. One of this things that really stood out to me were the butterflies. Which is why I used butterflies in my surreal art as well. A second thing that caught my eyes was the people on the bottom corner of the art. I say this because they are not that important to the art but it still puts the whole surreal art together. Because the people in the art, look as if having butterflies for a sail is normal. This art is very nice and different then most surreal art I have seen. The butterflies in the art makes a it look like it will make the boat sail. What I think he is try to convey to the viewers is that not everything is not how it seems. And to let yourself go with the flow.

file formats….

File formats



JPEG is the best known file formats because it stores many images on one memory card. It different from others because it has different options levels of JPEG.


TIFF is a bigger file which leads to taking more space in a memory card. Its different because its the highest image quality level in camera.


RAW will give you the best file that your camera gives. Its different from other files because it will be edited before using.

DNG (Digital Negative)

DNG is very similar to RAW it’s an alternative to the manufacturers native raw format. Its different from other file formats because it offers as a main raw file format


PNG is ideal to uses on the internet. It not the same as the other formats because quality doesn’t mean big file sizes, this can mean that it’s mostly used on the internet by most people.


GIF is also a ideal file formats. GIF is different because its only a maximum of 256 colors, so its better not to uses when having a photo of many colors.


BMP is a large files, its saves sizes with color. Its different because this file is great to uses when printing.


PSD is a default to save data. It not the same as other files because flexibility and the ability to fine tune an image as layers can be added, removed or edited at any time without any effect on the original photo.



camera modes…

Camera Modes


-Digital Camera modes-

Automatic mode-

This mode is used to select a shutter speed, ISO, aperture, flash and white balance to get a good photo. This mode will for sure get good results.

Portrait mode-

Portrait mode is mostly used to take pictures of one main object. Portrait mode is to focus on one thing and blur out the rest.

Macro mode-

This camera mode lets you move close to the object.  Also objects are more difficult focus when using macro mode.

Landscape mode-

The landscape mode is nothing like portrait mode. Landscape mode will make the photo focus.

Sport mode-

Sport mode is for moving object that’s why it is used for sports. But not just sports it can be used pets, car, wildlife, and etc.

Night mode-

This camera mode is fun to use to take a photo colorful and interesting. Night mode is used for situations in low light.

Movie mode-

Movie mode just captures still images to capturing moving ones. This mode is handy when the object is moving so, this mode is good to use then.

-Semi-automatic mode-

Aperture priority mode (A or AV)-

Aperture priority mode is a semi-automatic mode where you can control the aperture. This mode is useful to control depth of field as well.

Shutter priority mode (S or TV)-

This mode is similar to aperture priority but this mode you can select the shutter speed. You can use this mode to control stutter speed.

Program Mode (P)-

Program mode is similar to auto but gives more ways to give you control. Like the flash, white balance, ISO and etc.

-Fully Manual Mode-

Manual mode-

This mode uses full control for the camera. And ways to shoot a photo the way you want.

five tips for improving outdoor portraits…


Five tips I learned were…

  • Focus on eyes because they are the windows to the soul.
  • Take the picture in the shade and avoid direct sunlight because it can be too harsh.
  • Learn to use sunny f/16 rule because it will give you a better portrait picture.
  • Shoot in cloudy days so the outcome of your portrait photo will be more eye-catching.
  • Use textures in the background because it can make the object more smooth.