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five tips to take good portraits..

You don’t need to smile in order to get a good portrait photo. Lighting is always good. Lighting makes your photo pop. A background is good because it can tell you about the person. Black and white can capture moods… Continue Reading →

my inspiration…

1.Honesty 2.Forgiveness 3.Dreams 4.Kindness 5.Hope 6.New Beginnings 7.Family 8.Adventure 9.Goals 10.Confidence

body, shape, form…..

Fun Cool Weird Cute Masterpiece Calm Dreamy Eye-catching Bliss Good (I used snapseed and photopea)

shoot like aaron siskind…

Aaron Siskind work is good in my opinion. By looking at his work I see that he takes very textured photos. I also like his photos that are black and white because they look all different in their own way…. Continue Reading →


Photojournalism is a story though a photo. A story told without words is what photojournalism. The equipment a photojournalist will need is . They will need a lug camera. They will need cameras, extra batteries, external light sources, and chargers… Continue Reading →

candid moments….

In the photo it’s the police. They were talking, I don’t know about what, but they looked serious. This was in front of a warehouse in Rialto. In this photo it’s my sister Desiree. She’s in online class at home…. Continue Reading →

henri cartier bresson…

Henri Cartier Bresson is a French humanist photographer considered a master of candid photography. He pioneered the genre of street photography and viewed photography as capturing a decisive moment. My opinion on Bresson getting his timing right for his photos… Continue Reading →


Freelance Photography ($59,175 per year) Wildlife Photography ($42,770 per year) Fashion Photography ( $55,000 per year) Photojournalist ($51,227 per year) Crime Scene Photography ($24,040 per year) Sports Photography ($62,000 per year) Landscape Photography ($ 40,239 per year) Commercial/Industrial Photography ($25,415… Continue Reading →


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